Our Story

Having a hand in multiple businesses our Vlad loves meeting other business professionals and helping them out. One day he met a friendly managing broker who had trouble recruiting agents. Utilizing his background in internet marketing and coding Vladimir helped his friend generate more applicants than necessary. Soon word got out about Vlad’s system and real estate managing brokers in Washington wanted to join the program. 2 Years later, Skyreal is in 3 states and looking to scale across the country this year!

Constantly Evolving

Have any suggestions for features? Let us know and watch our computer wizards make your online marketing world a whole lot easier in a matter of days. We are here to help you, therefore our awesome team can do just about anything you need us to online. From mobile to social media marketing, we have seasoned pros in virtually every online recruiting channel. Ask us for more information about the latest

Meet the Team

Graduating with a bachelors degree at the age of 20 while working on his own start up All About Inc. Vladimir has reached the 300,000 mobile download mark mainly working on design architecture and business. He started many consulting businesses in the past from tech to ascertain the skills it took to run one.

Hayk Saakian first got involved with start ups as at the age of 14 tinkering with computers since he could remember. He has created over 40 mobile applications on the mobile market to date. Today he works on every aspect of software development from design to distribution and back end management.

Director of Sales and Marketing
Bernard Paraiso has been involved in the real estate industry since 2005, working with real estate brokerages, investors and law firms. He started his first print marketing company in 2007 which grew rapidly and expanded into digital marketing in 2009 with clients spanning the United States. In 2011, he began coordinating workshops & publications aimed at addressing key issues within businesses and the communities they serve.

Design Director
Valentina has been an integral part of the marketing and art world for a large portion of her life. She developed her eye for design working with multiple modeling agencies, developing website in the past and sharpened her marketing skills by directly working with multiple small businesses in Washington.