10 ways an 18 year old can get a job out of high school

A preface to this article. Your number one job, no matter where you are or what you’re doing should be about how to give value to others. If you master this skill then you’ll have riches beyond your dreams, something I’m still trying to fully master, let alone comprehend.
1) Start blogging daily

Do research about the business you want to work for. This is the field you will blog daily about, it shows expertise passion and commitment.

2) Build a twitter network

Twitter is one of the best ways to connect with people. Interact then invite them to be facebook friends then set a time to skype, bingo you’re now building a network.
3) Cold Call CEO’s

Many people don’t have the guts to do this, but you’re young, you’re a go-getter! You want the job right and you’re in enough pain that you’ll take action right? Be honest and you’ll do well. Not to mention you’ll build great social skills while you’re at it. Tear apart your resume because that is the slow way to get hired. I got a CEO to invite me to her MBA talk when I cold called her and she was only the 6th call. I’m not saying it’ll happen to you, but
put in 100 calls and the magic will surely happen.
4) Write 10 ideas daily that can greatly help the top 20 people you admire.

Get a list of the top 20 successful people you admire, write 10 ideas daily for them. You need to give before you
get. I got this one from James Altucher, check out his website.

5) Announce on your Facebook that you are looking for great business minds to work with.

No one is going to know you’re available for a job unless you let them know. Have 200 friends? Well get to hustling, hit them all up see what happens. One caveat to this rule is to not look too desperate so tread with haste.
6) Get recommendations on your linkedin account

Linked recommendations can make you look very good and the site is stuffed with people looking to hire. Better yet you can also connect with people in groups (hint remember the field you hold interest in). I know I’m contradicting myself, but having a great looking resume can work well here. This may be your side strategy while you’re looking to quickly get hired.
7) Get experience on eLance, Craigslist etc

Go to where things are happening. If people are looking to hire someone for a small gig go do it! You’re not in the position to be picky right now, you never know when a small thing could lead to the next right move or great connection.
8) Quit watching TV and build skills

Be the best at that field you chose. Example, say you want to work at a tech company. Well spend all the time you can learning programming/online marketing/design in between your hustle. Focus on one skill then after you are solid in it jump on to the next.
9) Go to networking events and dress professionally.

You’re young this will impress people. You might be able to land a paid internship or at least build valuable connections. Hell, I got a job offer from a start up weekend project when I was 20, you can at 18. Now granted the job wasn’t amazing, the pay was beer money and I turned it down because I had more on my plate, but if you have nothing don’t say no to something.
10) Tell your friends to introduce you to their friends.

Example: “Hey Matt how’ve you been? I noticed you had a friend named Fred in technology, lucky enough I’m
interested in that field as well. How’d you meet Fred?” The friends you want to get introduced to need to be
valuable of course.
Extra tip #1:

11) Brainstorm/Research more ways to get hired.

If you don’t quit you’ll be fine. Keep hustling on the road and it’ll be a great adventure. Remember you need to give before you get. Everyone is thinking about what’s in it for them, so always be ready to present what you can contribute to any project.
Extra tip #2:

Get licensed in a business you may like. A real estate license for example will cost you about $400 dollars to obtain, much cheaper than a college education. After you have the license a real estate agency will be much more likely to hire you then (because they see commitment) and can take you under their wing and show you how to make big bucks in the business.

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