3 More Daily Resources For Recruiting

As the real estate business is increasingly impacted by technological innovation and changing demographics, brokerages will have to spend more time than ever on research and preparedness. Effective recruiting revolves around finding those new agents who are uniquely suited to the changing world of real estate and finding the means to properly recruit them. Often, it can feel as if knowing how to navigate these new waters is a daunting task, but there are plenty of resources available to the modern brokerage. With daily research, articles, and updates, these sites should become a part of every broker or recruiter’s daily schedule.


Inman is one of the finest resources out there for anyone interested in the real estate industry, and their section on real estate recruiting is particularly insightful — and therefore of particular help to brokers and other industry veterans. Often sporting multiple updates a day, Inman focuses on interviews with the leading industry minds, detailed research into changing and developing trends, and have access to a wide network of both brokers and recruiters. While some people prefer taking their morning coffee with the Wall Street Journal, this is a source that could well be more insightful for a broker interested in maximizing their recruiting.

The Real Estate Group “Insider” Blog

While there are plenty of real estate subscription services that do little more than aggregate and analyze data, The Real Estate Group (TREG) does that just as well as anyone out there, and they do it without the subscription fee. They have a knack for looking at seemingly small economic and hiring data, but extrapolating that data to the long term, often providing truly impressive analysis. While they’re not always completely on point, they offer some of the most interesting reads available in the crowded real estate blogging world. Plenty of people do it, but they do it better.

Monster.com Blog

As one of the largest hiring sites in the world, Monster has access to reams of research and data concerning how young people are searching for jobs and how recruiters can hire them. Unfortunately, a great deal of their blog is fluff, but every now and again they publish something that reflects hard research and interesting trends. They are well worth the look.

Try adding visiting these sites to your daily schedule to get an edge on the competition.

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