3 Techniques – How to get over the fear of Cold Calling

I used to have a lot of cold calling fears. Hell, I still get butterflies when I make a call, so here is a list of my top 3 cold calling fears and how I overcame them.
1) Wasting the prospect’s time

You hear it all the time during calls: “I’m busy”, however if your product will save the prospect time or money, then they truly aren’t busy for a talk with you.

Let me ask you this: if your job was to call people and give them FREE MONEY would you feel good about doing it? When someone says “I’m busy” what would your reply be? Chances are you’d feel good about it because you know money is very valuable and will significantly improve their life.

The product you’re selling should be worth much more than the money people give you, so essentially you are giving away free money! What you’re really doing is delivering presents 😉
If you don’t believe that the product gives back more value than the money you charge, there’s a product problem not a sales problem. At very least you need to be able to convey how the value proposition is a win-win for the prospect and how this offer is a steal deal for them, among other basic over the phone sales skills.
2) The Prospect will hate you

Think about it this way: If you talk on the call as an unfriendly, nervous, and unsure person — like most cold callers, chances are that everyone will hate you. How would you feel about that kind of person if they called you?

So what’s the answer? Well you may have:guessed it: Be confident, know what you’re talking about better than anyone else, and be their best friend. Remember the first point — you’re giving away free money! You are delivering more value than they can give you.

If the other person on the call knew the true benefits of your product and it really matches their needs, they’ll love you for it! You’ve just made their life much easier. If not then no problem because they are now educated and have an extra option that can help them in life if they ever have that need in the future.

Bonus tip: Mirroring the other persons pace of speech, being happy and treating them like a friend really helps. If you’re a negative person no one will want to be around you anyways.

The best of your clients will be your friends — nothing wrong with that at all. If the client is a negative person you may not want to do business with them anyways — never let anyone disrespect you.
3) “The client is very very important, I can’t screw this up!” Once in a lifetime deal here

This is a very common problem in cold calling and life in general. People need to remember that life is limitless, there’s 7 billion of us in the world and you couldn’t humanely reach everyone even if you wanted to.

IF you did reach all the clients in your field, then guess what? Congratulations! Because now you’re a well connected top notch veteran. You can move on to a better product, with insight that very few people have in your field. You can now build relationships with the people you clicked with because you will click with people.

Remember, nobody is perfect and ultimately being human means everything we do can be done better, by simply trying you’re already 90% there.

Each rejection makes you stronger. Every call counts. Go jump in the pool!

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