Following Up: Easy Way To Maximize Recruiting

Much like how following up (and following up aggressively) with a prospective buyer can be the difference between a sale and another burnt lead, following up with prospective agents is the key to the success of any brokerage. Without top talent a brokerage can’t hope to consistently generate profit, and following up with prospective agents can be a great way to ensure top talent knows that you’re serious. Even if it’s the difference of successfully attracting just a few extra agents to your brokerage, it can certainly prove to be worth the time and effort. Here’s a few tips and techniques for following up, explaining how to fully utilize this great way to attract more talent.

Follow a Schedule

Much like how an agent should have a set schedule for reaching out to their leads during various points of the process, a brokerage should also have a schedule for reaching out to agents. While it is possible to have part of this process automated, it would be better to be as personal with this step as possible. For this reason, it might be worth considering a professional recruiting service, or an in house secretary to help handle the process of touching base with the prospects. Consistency is the key here — otherwise your success with following up might be spotty.

Vary Your Contact Methods

One easy way to personalize your follow up strategy to to try different modes of communication. If you initially spoke with a prospect on the phone, try reaching out via social media or vice versa. This lets the prospect know that you are serious enough to track them down and are invested in getting them aboard. It’s also a great way to scope out a prospect’s online persona, further vetting them during the hiring process. This simple trick can consistently get the attention of prospects.

Spread Out Your Presence

By having a presence on a wide array of social media channels and online outlets, sometimes the process of following up can be done for you. If a prospect finds your online resources after a phone or internet interview, that can be the difference of getting the in the door and watching them walk. For as much as a brokerage should personally follow up, maintaining a diverse online presence can help cast a wide net.

Consider these follow-up steps with your next prospect!

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