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Like any successful company, a successful brokerage is built on a healthy revenue stream. In the world of real estate, often filled with ups and downs, a revenue stream is determined by quality salesmanship. This means that any brokerage will only be as good as their best agents. This blog has previously explored the importance of quality recruiting as the foundation and principal concern of running a brokerage, but everyone needs help occasionally. Thankfully, there are a plethora of Internet resources aimed at helping brokerages recruit. By checking these sites daily, a brokerage can give themselves a leg up in finding the top tier agents that they need.


One of the great go to sites for anyone interested in recruiting, Dice is a fantastic place to keep abreast of developing trends in technology and hiring. Their monthly reports are well researched looks into hiring practices across a wide swath of industries, and their blog gives in depth looks into particular topics. Real estate is occasionally an old fashioned industry that sticks to equally old fashioned practices — if a brokerage wants to get a leg up on the competition, Dice is a great place to find that edge. Checking them out, even as frequently as every day, is well worth the time.
Linkedin’s Blog


As the process of searching for and hiring new applicants increasingly moves online, Linkedin has become an invaluable resource for anyone looking to hire talent for their business. In spite of this, too many brokerages overlook this obvious resource. As an online hub for hiring, Linkedin has access to reams of data when it comes to job searches and hiring data, and they share this information with well-researched pieces daily. There might not be a single greater resource available on the Internet for someone interesting in learning more about modern recruiting.

While they might not update as frequently as other resources,’s Field Guides are fantastic “evergreen” sources that have a wide range of sources and research for a brokerage to draw on. Their Field Guide to Recruiting is particularly useful, chocked full of pages and pages to help brokers find a wide variety of top tier agents.


Consider these resources to help with your recruitment research today!

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