Real Estate SEO: To Capture Qualified Traffic and Leads

Real Estate SEO: To Capture Qualified Traffic and Leads

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A number of new technologies and growing use of social media have made real estate SEO more precise and effective on industry-driven results.

Though there is no doubt on how these new technologies allow realtors to make their potential deals more clear-cut and specific, real estate SEO will remain a top lead generator and your best business investment with a good Real Estate SEO expert.

But how is Real Estate SEO performing these days? What does it focus on to make your site grow in rankings?

What does Google expect from a Real Estate Website?

  1. A lot of high quality, genuine content relevant to the subject with a strategic approach that makes it looks natural and not written purposely for search engines.
  2. Trust is important which is why Google’s system checks for any spam hitting for high ranking in search engine and misrepresenting poor quality content.
  3. A lot of incoming links. When your content is well written along with active participation in social media and marketing, you’ll automatically get those high-quality links which will help you earn recognition as well as leads.

Real Estate SEO expert

And for those who still think real estate SEO is an option and not must-have, keep reading for better understanding.

Why You Need To Be On Page 1 In Organic Listings For Your Money Keywords:

People still hold more trust in Organic Google Listings than Google Ads or Big Brands like, and because of its authenticity.

So if you are not on page 1 of Google Organic Search for a keyword that a local user is searching for then you are definitely losing a lot of business.

How is Real Estate SEO different to traditional SEO?

Real estate websites are noticeably more challenging than other marketing verticals on the web. We have covered real estate SEO best practices extensively Real Estate SEO still stand different to traditional SEO because of following reasons:

  • High competition level whether local or national.
  • Dominance by major realty portals in search results
  • Identical Keywords for every market
  • Duplicate content of IDX Listings

This creates an entirely different level of complexity and requires the specialty of a true real estate SEO expert.

You can use this free tool at to see how you are doing with your LOCAL SEO.

If you’re interested in a comprehensive yet affordable real estate SEO plan for your business, call or click here to contact us.

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