Should you use Real Estate Sales Scripts?

I was recently telling an aspiring entrepreneur about our sales process here and he asked me a question, which I thought I’d share with you. “Should you use a sales script?” Well the answer is both yes and no.


In more detail I mean you should initially use a script for your role plays and feedback, write it yourself if you can. Then after you memorize it, its best during the call to throw it away!


This will allow you to do 2 things. 1) Since you’ve written or read the script many times, you really know your product’s benefits and value proposition and 2) Since you’re not using a script during calls anymore, you can make the conversation natural and custom tailor your product to each client. No one likes being “sold to”, everyone likes being shown or introduced to new things. You can only do that well when you’re not staring at scripts.


Think about live actors on theater, they take a line and internalize it to themselves. The best even change up the wording a little to make it sound better and better. With each performance they tweak the way they say the script to make it suit the audience better, however they never read off of a script.


So there you go those are my 2 cents on scripts, you should write them and remember them, never read them during the sale and the more you practice the better you’ll get! Now go jump in the pool.

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