The Best cold calling sales technique in real estate

So by now I will be the first to admit I used to have a horrible sales problem and getting over it has helped me big time, but how did I get over it? What is the secret that got me to get over my problem?

Well it’s simple, I realized I will always and still do have a fear of dialing numbers, I will always disdain rejection, but here’s the thing. Here is the epiphany that works for me. The faster you jump in the pool the better it feels when you’re in there and getting used to it.

I’m not a great statistician, but I’d put my money on the fact that the reason most people don’t succeed is because they stop! Why do they stop? Because they didn’t focus on starting!

Just focus on starting! Keep starting. Failed the last call? Start another one! Keep starting, keep the train going and get to where you need to. Every call is like another pump for your sales pipeline, keep the calls flowing.

So what do I do when I start telling myself how scary this next call is gonna be? I start! I jump in the pool, I dial the number fast! The faster I dial the number and hit the call button the easier it becomes because before I know it, its done!
The other person answers the phone and talking to them isn’t bad at all believe me (we all have relatives worse than the people on the phone), but the fear is. This is why I let the fear push me to take action fast so I don’t have to feel it anymore. Stop being an amateur, become a closer.

So there you go! Short fast and to the point! The faster you execute, the faster you dial in that number the faster you can get past your problem because your task is finished or you’ve got used to it! There are other solutions, but this is the best I know. Get over rejection by moving fast — Go seize the day!

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